In addition to Carlton's law enforcement background, he is a staunch advocate for:


  • Teaching to the test does not benefit our students. Instead, we should allow teachers to develop coordinated plans to work with their specific class to meet the state guidelines.  Vocational studies need to return to the high schools. It is a necessity that students are taught skills that they can utilize in life as well as being shown other career paths beside college and the military. The exposure to the arts is a critical part of child development and that also needs to return to the schools as well. Our next Picasso happens when we give children the tools to express themselves

  • Covid 19 has made things difficult for everyone. As much as we want to send our children back to school so they can get the social interactions that they need, but we need to have a plan to ensure the safety of everyone. We need to stay out until the schools are properly cleaned and sanitized, proper air filtration and ventilation systems installed, proper PPE to ensure safety not only for students but also for faculty, staff, family, and other stakeholders within the community

  • Increase federal and state funding for schools in a manner that allocates funds to the schools that need it 



  • Redlining robs a homeowner of the true value of the cost of a home. Closing costs along with home improvement costs can be very expensive at times. Carlton believes in homeownership keeping its fair market value. If elected to office, he will fight to eliminate this unfair and unjust practice of redlining neighborhoods. Carlton would like to bring a variety home ownership programs into District 11  

  • Homelessness is a humanitarian issue that needs to be solved. Carlton believes past attempts to address homelessness within the district were misled. Past administrations have packed Wakefield with shelters, instead of addressing the root cause of the problem. Carlton proposes low income housing for the homeless people as the solution to end homelessness. He wants to establish programs that will guide shelter residents through the process of obtaining a low income apartment. Carlton believes in providing homeless people the necessary resources to improve their lives. If elected to the city council, he will be one step closer to saving more lives from the grip of homelessness. 

  • Extend the eviction mortiums



  • Senior citizens have paved the way for us to achieve the impossible thus, protecting them is his highest priority. He has conducted safety workshops at R.A.I.N. centers for senior citizens to teach them how to protect themselves in dangerous situations. As your city council member, Carlton Berkley will continue to fight for the general welfare of senior citizens

  • Educate our seniors on the vaccine so that those who have fears about the vaccine will be educated to allow them to make informed decisions 

  • Carlton believes that we need to use our community centers, houses of worship, and senior citizen centers to help vaccinate our seniors,especially our hard-to-reach seniors. These locations are pillars of our community that our seniors already know and feel comfortable traveling to.

  • Houses of Worship have always been symbols of love, respect, and community. Though Houses of Worship are hubs for social gatherings, they lack the space to raise awareness of injustices in the community. Carlton is an ordained Deacon at Walker Memorial Baptist Church. As a deacon, he understands the importance of engaging with the community. If elected to the City Council, Carlton will fight for more Houses of Worship to gain access to public spaces for community events. 


Social & Racial Justice

  • Police brutality is a rising issue within the US. As such, Carlton has always called for just policing and fair treatment of NYC residents. For example, Carlton organized the numerous marches protesting the unlawful killing of Ramarly Graham. He was one of the driving forces in getting 50A repealed, allowing citizens to view police disciplinary records. 

  •  Additionally, Carlton worked with Discovery For Justice to reform the Criminal Justice system. He was instrumental in getting CPL 240 repealed and replaced. CPL240 gave the DA the right to withhold evidence when someone was arrested and charged with a crime, preventing evidence that could exonerate the accused of the crime from being disclosed. He works diligently by calling on the NYPD to hold their officers more accountable for unlawful treatment of NYC residents. Carlton is a firm believer in reallocating NYPD funding in a manner that supports community needs and the development of a more just police department.

Workers’ Rights

  • Universal Healthcare supporter

  • Carlton defends the right towards fair living wages, everyone who works deserves to be paid fairly. As a result, Carlton supported the Fight for $15 movement to help low wage workers. Carlton believes that good paying jobs inevitably leads to stimulating local economies. If elected to the city council, Carlton will fight for fairer wages to establish a more robust economy.

  • Carlton understands that union jobs provide working families with an opportunity to earn a living wage with benefits. As a result, he plans on working with unions to establish apprenticeship programs in the district. Ultimately, the goal is to help residents gain the skills set and vocational credentialing necessary to secure and sustain union jobs.